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Jeffrey L. Scheibner

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Jeffrey has been in the health and life insurance business for 38 years. Originally licensed in Miami, Florida after graduating Florida International University with an Insurance degree minor. He began his career in California in 1982 with Paul Revere as a disability marketing representative helping brokers close DI cases. At that time, pioneering the concept of layering individual disability on top of group disability to eliminate the reverse discrimination of high wage owners at law firms and other white collar businesses.

Jeffrey has been involved in the employee benefits arena since 1986 when CA assembly bill AB 1682 began guaranteeing coverage for small business that could prove employer/employee relationships. This really opened the world of group benefits. In 1992, he became a financial planner realizing variable life insurance led to securities products and money management. He remained in the securities business until June 2017.

Jeffrey is now solely involved in sales and procurement of benefits and life insurance and would be honored to assist anyone in the above areas and create successful business together.



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